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July 28th, 2011 by


Class B Fan


You can definitely call me a van enthusiast.

I’ve always been a part of large families; having 6 brothers and sisters during my childhood and now having four kids. So it’s easy to understand why I enjoy vehicles that are large and can transport a lot of people.

One vehicle which really caught my eye was the Winnebago Era. This Class B motorhome is the perfect medium between Class A RV’s and conversion vans! It brings the amenities of a mobile home while bringing relatively the same size and fuel economy of a conversion van.

Some things I really like about the outside of the Era are its exterior paint options and its overall features. Some effects the era offers is its patio awning and its wide opening rear doors. The patio awning brings comfort and shade during the hot summer days while the rear doors open 270 degrees wide, bringing easy access to your belongings.

There are two interior décor options in the Winnebago Era, either of which are topped off with a Sunset Cherry cabinet finish and Corian Countertops. This creates a bold and beautiful setting not before seen in Class B RVs. I also love the leather seating that can easily fold out into a bed. This gives the kids a great place to lie down during those long rides. Another feature I love about the Era is the 22” LCD TV! This is bigger than anything I have seen in a vehicle this size.

But my favorite aspect of the Era is its kitchen space. I never thought I’d see a vehicle the size of a van have a microwave and a refrigerator built in! My family and I are really excited at the idea of buying a new Winnebago Era sometime soon! It will be great for us!

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