Game Day in a Southern Comfort Tailgate Van

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Southern Comfort Tailgate Van


To everyone else it appears to be just another fall Sunday, but you know better. This Sunday is not just any fall day, it’s a game day. It’s not just another game day, it is the Game Day. You put on your favorite socks and matching home team jersey and head out to the garage.

You key in the code and the metal door creaks open, sunlight reveals your beautiful new conversion van. You open the polished black door effortlessly and jump up to the driver seat. The engine purrs alive and your pregame music mix booms from the Kicker speakers and subwoofers, each with its own amplifier, hidden throughout the conversion van. The music magnifies your excitement and a grin crosses your face as you exit the driveway and head down to the tailgating park next to your home stadium.

Your friends greet you with cheers as you pull into your well established spot. You turn up the volume, adding extra bass, when you get out of the van. The music is as crystal clear on the outside as the inside. One of your friends toss you a leather football, you catch it and slam it back. Your friend asks whether you brought the grilling supplies, you shrug your shoulders and motion him towards the back.

You open the back door to reveal a pull out grill and the mini-fridge you charged overnight. Your friend slaps you on the back as he shoves a 12-pack of beer into the cooled space and grabs out one of your icy bottles. You pull out the grill and start marinating Italian sausages. Game Day has begun.

A little later, with stomachs full of game food marinating in the many ounces of booze, one of your friends asks what else you have hidden in the new conversion van. You grin and motion him to step into one of the back cargo seats. They sit back, look up and see 31″ LED digital television screen.  You hand your friend one of the Sony PS3 controllers hidden in the center consul and laugh at his slackened jaw.

Another one of your friends has jumped into the neighboring cargo seat and is challenged to play the football simulation game coming into focus on the digital screen. You laugh and encourage the two before walking back to the mini-fridge to pull out another cold beer. You salute your ultimate tailgate conversion van and chug.

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