Get Your Conversion Van Ready for Spring

February 28th, 2014 by

Conversion Van Ready for SpringYour conversion van is a miniature living space and just like your home, it needs periodic maintenance. This is especially true after it’s spent the winter months sitting in a driveway or garage.

With nicer weather soon upon us, it’s important to remember that after a long wither, you’re van may need a little tender care.

Before taking your conversion van on a road trip this spring, make sure it is in peak operating condition with the follow list of tips:

Check The Tires

A conversion van spends a lot of time just sitting on pavement or soil. Tire rubber becomes weakened if the full weight of the van presses down on just a small portion of the tire surface. Driving the van a short distance and then checking for pressure leaks is a good idea.

Because your vehicle is heavier than the average passenger car, your tires experience quite a bit of downward pressure in combination with movement vibration. You may need to rotate the tires each spring.

Make Sure The Coach Is Leveled

If your van has been converted to include appliances and furniture, and if it exceeds a certain weight, it probably has a leveling system. The coach should be leveled once every 60 days if the vehicle is not in use. It is never a pleasant experience to have an unleveled vehicle sitting on an uneven surface at a camp site. Even a small amount of tip will cause problems with your cooking surfaces!

Checking The Door And Slide-Out Sealants

Sealants can become brittle during the winter months. Check the seals for moisture intrusion and repair them if needed. Remember that the bottom flanges of the doors and windows are to be left unsealed. This allows proper sliding. The tiny opening also allows for drainage, so make sure this area is not kept completely weather-tight.

The roof slide-outs should be inspected thoroughly. Because two surfaces are rubbing against one another, eventual wear-and-tear occurs. Check the junction between roof or door slide panels and the sides of the vehicle. You can purchase a special kind of sealant tape to extend the usable life of the panels.

Servicing The Plumbing

If your conversion van includes a water tank and sewage system, these need to be flushed in the spring. A water pump will have a screen filter included, and this needs to be cleaned out before refilling the tank. If you keep antifreeze mix in the tank during the winter, remember to flush for at least 10 minutes before refilling with fresh water.

The Electrical System

Check the batteries and clean the battery posts. Even if you recharged the batteries the past autumn, charge them again in the spring. Keep a tool kit in the vehicle at all times so you can perform maintenance on lighting fixtures. Conversion vans experience quite a bit of vibration during a trip, and this results in shorts and loose connections. Make sure you check every light switch and electrical appliance before heading out on the road.

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