Getting Your Conversion Van Ready for Spring

January 4th, 2013 by

Spring Conversion Van


With the balmy months of spring right around the corner, it’s finally time to start getting your conversion van ready for Spring. Though there are a lot of different ways people customize their vans, there are still a few basic tips and tenets that are important for everyone to know. These fall mostly to the functionality and overall upkeep of your conversion van. When you follow these tips to get your van ready to go in the spring, you’ll be doing a lot to avoid dealing with some of the more common issues van users deal with every year.

Get Your Van Inspected

You need to get your van inspected when you are ready to out and enjoy the spring. There are a lot of things that can go wrong with a van while it is sitting in storage, many of which people rarely think of. If you have been starting your van regularly throughout the fall and winter, you will probably have less to take care of when spring rolls around. However, you will still have to deal with things like sediment build-up and potential battery issues before you take the van out on the road.

Wash Out the Interior

The interior of your van can build up a lot of dust and can therefore smell really musty when you pull it out of storage. Its smart to take a day or two to pull everything out of the van and give it a thorough washing before you get started on the season. For things that you can’t pull out, try renting a carpet cleaner or perhaps a powerful upholstery washer to get things smelling their best. Also, take this time to clean out any appliances that you may have in your van.

Enjoy the Season

By the time spring rolls around, people are ready and raring to go out on their spring adventures. Taking a little extra time to care for your van before you head out on the road can make all the difference between a great season and a bad one. After all, waiting until you’re about to leave to find out that your battery is dead can really put a damper on your travel plans. While taking care of these things may be a little time consuming, the benefits that they provide you are well worth the extra time.

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