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Custom Conversion Van


Well for starters, new trends make this a much more interesting idea than it once was.

Today one can enjoy luxury, comfort, and entertainment on the road as never before by deciding to upgrade to a custom van.

Entertainment Options Galore

Decades ago, no one was trying to fit a 25-inch console TV into a mini-van. Now that LED flat screen TVs are not only available but also affordable, a large screen TV in a custom van becomes a reality. It’s easy to add a blue-ray DVD player and gaming device to keep the kids entertained for hours. Mobile satellite systems can track TV signals while your on the road. A 110 volt outlet can convert your 12 volt battery power into a form of electricity that will power an endless mix of small electronics.

Smaller Electronics

The trend toward smaller electronics that do more and more means better custom vans than ever before. Add a LED touch screen radio, a dock that will handle two I-pods, and small but powerful speakers for even more entertainment. Headphones allow different passengers to simultaneously enjoy different experiences without bothering others.

Safety First!

Another trend that makes a customized can a better idea than ever is the trend toward more power and safety built-in to the van that will be converted. GM vans now include features first made available on SUVs. StabiliTrak® with Traction Control vastly improves stability both sideways and forward and back. Advanced rollover protection is now built-in to the Savanna and other vans. GM’s 1500 and 2500 model vans now include sophisticated air bag systems. Now, head curtain side-impact air bags are standard.

The Power

When it comes to power, a General Motors 1500 model van is powered by a Vortec 5.3L FlexFuel V8 with 310 hp and 334 lb.-ft. of torque. It’s the same engine that powers most of their large SUVs like the Yukon and their full-size pickups. The 2500 van includes a standard 6.0 L V-8 with even more torque and horsepower. This is the engine used in the Cadillac Escalade.

Those Little Creature Comforts…

Creature comforts can include fold-down rear seats that allow for a resting place in the rear. Blinds allow one to fully control sunlight. Another new trend that makes for better conversion vans than ever before is the use of LED lighting. LED lights burn cool and use little power. High intensity ceiling panel lights are an option. Even lighted drink holders are a possibility.


The level of customization available in conversion vans today is unprecedented. We’ll work with you to create just the mix of features appropriate to your lifestyle.

If you love road trips, a customized van may be perfect for you. Such a van can give you far more space and amenities than a SUV. It’s a far more nimble and versatile option than an RV or motor home. Finally, new trends in power trains, suspensions, smaller electronics, and LED lighting combine to virtually eliminate the limitations that customized vans used to have.

It’s an exciting new era in traveling the open road in a safe, luxurious, and convenient way.

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