Haunted Area Attractions to Visit in Your Conversion Van!

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When leaves change color and there’s a distinctly crisp, cool feel in the air, fall is here. With fall’s arrival comes the scary, skin-crawling, creepy experiences of haunted places near Dayton. Take a trip in a conversion van with friends to experience all the hauntingly familiar sights. Revel in bone-chilling, nightmarish experiences found in these unforgettably haunted locations.

The Dayton Area’s Best Haunted Attractions

Gather friends in a roomy, comfortable conversion van and take a thrilling fall trip. Dayton has some outstanding Halloween attractions. For even more thrills and scares, travel a short 40 miles south to Kings Island. If a longer adventure is what you’re pining for, drive about two hours north of Dayton to one of the scariest attractions in the state, the Ohio State Reformatory, if you dare.

Here are some of the best nightmarish, ghoulish attractions near Dayton:

Dayton Scream Park – On Valley Pike near Harshman Road is the thrilling adventure known as Dayton Scream Park. Be petrified by multiple scares from creepy characters at Nightmare on Valley Street. Then walk through the Rat Trap Maze and be astounded by assorted villains and masked monsters. Get your heart racing on a terrifying chainsaw chase, surrounded by scenic views like recent hangings.

Hauntfest on 5th in Dayton – For a tamer experience, check out the Hauntfest street party with creatively costumed revelers. Costume contests, music, food and fun await at this Halloween festival in the Oregon Arts District, near 5th Street and Patterson.

Kings Island – Mason – Listed in the top 10 list of scariest, most unusual attractions in Ohio, Kings Island is just a short half-hour drive south of Dayton in Mason. Featuring attractions with names like Terror-tory, CarnEVIL, Madame Fatale’s Cavern of Terror, Slaughter House, Graveyard Shift and Board to Death, Kings Island provides scares and thrills for everyone.

Ohio State Reformatory – For a longer road trip in a roomy conversion van, drive two hours north to the haunted Ohio State Reformatory. Experience thrills and spine-tingling terror while walking through the facility’s haunted basement. Known as a paranormal hot spot, the walkway is lined with monitors keeping an eye on happenings both paranormal and human. Listen to the soundtrack of heart-pounding, suspenseful haunted sounds while watching detainees try to claw their way out of the reformatory. Walk past mad scientists and witness electric chair executions, with a gallows displaying recently hanged inmates.

Fun Halloween Times

Some of the best memories are those found on exciting road trips with friends. Visiting the Dayton areas most haunted attractions is always thrilling and memorable. Take a trip today and experience terror the way it’s meant to be

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