Hesitant to Travel by Class B Motorhome? Think again!

April 20th, 2011 by




Are you and your family hesitant to travel by Class B Motorhome? Do you think that with fuel prices and length of travel that it would be too costly to do? Think again friends! A recent study conducted showed that traveling by RV is roughly 27 – 61% CHEAPER than other conventional methods, namely traveling with airfare and hotel costs. This is great news for you!

This study clearly shows that regardless of fuel prices, even if they continue to rise, that the cost of fueling your Class B Motorhome will be far less than the cost of airfare and hotel fare and the possibility of car rental expenses! This is especially true for larger families.

Wonder how this is possible with the threat of gas prices reaching $5 per gallon? Here is how; airfare is adjusted to accommodate the inflation in oil prices as well. Additionally hotels have increased costs of energy which is passed on to their customers also. How about car rentals? You are paying for the same fuel! And you wouldn’t think that there would be an increase at restaurants, but think again, as it becomes more costly for them to get the food there to serve you, you can bet they are passing that extra expense on to you also.

So, what is simpler, paying for all of these over priced luxuries separately? Or, fueling your Class B Motorhome, bringing your own food, and having your own hotel? Common sense people! The Class B Motorhome is the far better and more economical choice! So the next time you want a weekend away, or are planning your next vacation, don’t hesitate to jump behind the wheel of your Class B Motorhome and hit the road!

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