How To Build a Life-Size Conversion Van Out of Legos

November 21st, 2012 by


Lego Conversion Van


A conversion van is a fantastic space for a family trip, with more headroom than a mini-van and ample seating for all five children and your Irish Setter, Seamus.

Of course, while you can shop for a conversion van at specialty websites, why not get the whole family involved in building a van of your own, all by yourselves, with these easy-to-follow directions?

Working nights and weekends, if you begin on Boxing Day you should have it up and running by Memorial Day Weekend.

Oh yes, and the best part of all is that you and your family can construct your customized conversion van entirely of Legos!

That’s right…Legos…

The first decision is color. Legos come in a wide range of colors and the family has to decide. The safest decision is to let the youngest child have his way because he is always the biggest whiner. Then comes the design problem.

At Dave Arbogast Van Depot, we just pass all design decisions over to our youngest lot boy, Petey Willickers, a certified Lego genius.

Petey: Be sure to make the engine work and have a big enough gas tank.

Well yes, Petey, and how will I build a working engine out of Legos exactly?

Petey: Just have lots of moving parts. Legos have gears and cogs and just put them all together looking exactly like a jet engine and you’ll have the fastest conversion van in the country.”

A jet engine in our Lego van?

Petey: Yes sir, and we had better use the largest blocks because life size means big. The wheels are a special problem because it’s hard to make them round. There are no round Lego blocks, except in the specialty kits. There are little wheels in some of the specialty kits, but they’re too small for this project. Any ideas?

Uh, no. I thought you were the Lego expert.

Petey: Of course I am, but it doesn’t mean I’m good at math slick…

Ok, Petey , I’ve got it. We’ll make the big wheels seem round by using 2,000 little black Legos to make each wheel. It won’t really be round, but it’ll come in close.

That’s great Dad. Now, how many blocks will we need for the chassis?

Petey…you’re fired.

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