How to Improve Your Conversion Van’s Gas Mileage

February 5th, 2014 by

When owning a conversion van, many love to get out into the world and have a lot of fun. While this is a great vehicle to own, it does have a major downside. In fact, one of the biggest  problems with a conversion van is the fuel economy. However, with these five tips, one can get better gas mileage out of their conversion van.

Empty it out: Now, it is easy to fill up a van with tools, toys and other items. While this is a great advantage to have, it is beneficial to leave these items out unless they are needed. Think about it, when carrying around a few hundred pounds of dead weight, a driver will have a slower vehicle on his or her hands. At the same time, it will kill the fuel economy of the conversion van.

Slow acceleration: It is not easy to drive a conversion van like a sports car. A motorist should, instead, take it easy and accelerate slowly. With this simple driving change, one can do wonders for their gas mileage. Furthermore, when one does not accelerate quickly, they are likely to enjoy an engine and transmission that last longer. Remember, when out on the road, it is wise to accelerate slowly and avoid gunning the engine.

Maintenance: When well-maintained, a conversion van will run better and, at the same time, use less fuel. To maintain the van, one should make sure to change the oil often and change the spark plugs or air filter as needed.

Tires: One quick and painless way to improve the gas mileage is to check out the tires. Most of the time, a driver will not have enough air in his or her tires. When this happens, the motorist will waste fuel. Not only that, it is unsafe to drive with a low PSI. If a car owner has a hard time checking or adding air, he or she should take it to a professional who will, likely, do the job for free.

Avoid short trips: Ideally, a conversion van owner should avoid driving town and running errands. Instead, a motorist should only use his or her conversion van for long road trips. This will help the owner keep his or her van longer. At the same time, the driver will enjoy better fuel economy as short trips and city driving are not good for the fuel economy of the van.

A conversion van owner should not panic when he or she gets poor gas mileage. Instead, when following these five simple tips, the owner can enjoy higher fuel economy without much effort. Over time, this will save the owner hundreds of dollars in annual fuel costs

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