How To Load Your Conversion Van With Gifts!

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There are certain, proven and specific “how-to’s” concerning the best ways to store items in a conversion van, such as Christmas gifts. Using these methods will provide you with much more space and gift-holding capacity than you ever dreamed possible inside your conversion van.

Storage Shelves

You can buy these either online or at most major department stores such as Walmart, Sears, Target, Lowe’s or Home Depot. They should be made out of either stainless steel or aluminium. First, measure the size of the sides of your interior walls so you know what size storage shelves to buy. If they’re too big, they won’t fit, and if they’re too small, you won’t be utilizing all of your available space to its maximum. Attach the storage shelves to the van with either very short rivets or short screws with robber grommets or seals to keep the rain from getting inside. Then, once attached to your van, stock your gifts and simply lock them securely in place with inexpensive bungee cords.

Ceiling Racks

A ceiling rack is similar to a storage rack except it has much smaller steel or aluminum rungs and it hangs upside down from the interior roof of your van. Measure first before you buy then attach the same way as with the aforementioned shelving. Use this ceiling rack to stock some of the lighter items such as clothing, small toys, board games, thin notebooks/laptops, iPads, and secure the outside of the manufacturers’ boxes and store bags with either bungee cords and/or duct tape.

Floor Drawers

You can buy ready made drawers that have compartments that you mount on the floor. They’re usually made of either metal or hard plastic. You can place them under your bench seats or your captain’s chairs and secure them with ropes. This is very effective and useful for smaller items such as iPods, smart phones, land phones, books, CDs, DVDs, among other items.

Deep Plastic Baskets With Lids

These containers have locking lids and they’re very deep. They come in assorted colors, from clear plastic to navy blue, grey or white. You can lock just about anything inside and place them between your captain’s chairs or on the sides of them, and both in front of and in back of your rows of seats. They’re so big and heavy that they don’t need to be secured in place with anything and they’ll hardly slide at all.

Wall Hooks, Straps & Netting

If you don’t want to spend for shelving, simply substitute wall hooks attached with adhesive strips and patches and hang soft netting from them, place the items in the netting, and strap the boxed or bagged items with bungee cords. It’s extremely easy to do this.

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