How to Polish Your Class B Motorhome Wheels.

November 29th, 2013 by

There are many different styles of aluminum wheels on Class B motorhomes these days.

While traveling, these wheels get dirty, stained, nicked and scratched. You can restore your wheel?s shine by following a few simple steps. The easiest way to work on aluminum wheels is to remove them from the vehicle; in the case of RV?s such as motorhomes, this is not always easy or practical. You will have to work on the wheels where they are.

Gather your materials together. You will need plenty of soft, linclass b wheelst-free cloths, a bucket or two, aluminum cleaner, aluminum polish, aluminum brightener, a fine metal file, scouring pads, a fine brush or old toothbrush, a soft scrub brush and soap. You will also need protective gloves and eyewear, oven cleaner and scouring pads made for non-stick cookware. You can use the same type of soap you use on the RV.

Begin by washing the wheels with copious amounts of water and soap. Scrub every nook and cranny, using the brushes and toothbrush to do a thorough job. Once dry, apply oven cleaner to the wheels and allow to sit for 20 minutes. Be sure to use the protective gear. You can use cleaner that is not lye based for added safety. Repeat this step for especially grimy wheels and rinse thoroughly. Allow the wheels to dry.

Inspect the wheels for pitting, scratches or gouges. You can remove pitting and scratches by using fine metal sandpaper or the metal file. You should test this on part of your wheels not facing the road. If you are unsure about this step, a tire shop can do it for you. Clean the wheels again when they are finished.

Apply the aluminum brightening cleaner to the wheels using a soft cloth. Make sure you clean the entire surface, cleaning all the nooks and crannies. Wipe the cleaner off with a second soft cloth. Using a clean, soft cloth, apply the aluminum polish and work in one direction. Use a toothbrush or fine brush to polish small, curved or hard to reach areas. Take your time with this step. Wipe off the polish with another clean, soft cloth.

Apply a finishing polish to the wheels and again, work in smooth, even strokes going in the same direction. Rub with another cloth to remove the polish completely. The polish will shine brighter as you rub with the cloth.

If the wheels were removed from the vehicle, replace them now. As you clean and polish your wheels, you have the advantage of noticing excess damage, cracks or other issues that could affect your safety on the road. Be sure to clean any spills off the wheels as soon as possible to prevent the material from reacting with the aluminum.

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