I Lost My Seats At The Super Bowl But At Least We Took Our Conversion Van!

February 8th, 2011 by


Lost Seats


It was supposed to be the trip of a lifetime for my father and I. However, as we pulled into Dallas on Sunday, a foul smell in the air had me thinking otherwise.

The Super Bowl wasn’t so “super” for this hombre and his padre.  Thank you NFL.

As we arrived to the stadium, we discovered the fire marshal had apparently shut down the section of the stadium we had seats in. In total, about 400 other ticketholders lost their seats. The worse part of the whole thing is the NFL knew about this on Monday but didn’t bother to tell anyone.

We spent nearly $800 for each ticket. Eight-hundred smackeroos! The situation would’ve been even worse had we decided to fly instead of travel down in our trusty conversion van – our trusty, never-fail tailgating traveler. Not only that, but Dad and I were able to sleep in our conversion van and avoid having to pay for a hotel too.
Thankfully, the NFL did its best to make up for the ticket mishap. We have been given triple the face value of our tickets back and allowed to go watch the game in the stadiums hospitality room. We’re also getting tickets to next year’s Super Bowl.

So I guess it turns out this trip wasn’t so bad. Ol’ Roger Goodell himself, the head cheese of the NFL, gave us a call in person to say he was sorry and that he hoped we hadn’t spent too much cash on a hotel and plane tickets.

“No worries Roger baby,” I told him.

“We were rock’n out in our fully-loaded Chevy conversion van.”

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