Mercedes-Benz Airstream Interstate – Number 1 Selling Mercedes Class B Motorhome for 6 Consecutive Years

January 17th, 2018 by

The Mercedes-Benz Airstream Interstate is ranked as the Number 1 selling Class B Motorhome built on a Mercedes-Benz Chassis. This sleek, classic design combines the seamless, smooth style of Airstream and combines it with the sturdy, yet sporty, look of a Mercedes Benz vehicle.

The Interstate, as its name implies, is designed for lengthy trips, giving you a comfortable place to relax and lay your head at the end of a long day or traveling and sight-seeing this magnificent country. The motorhome runs on diesel, meaning your vehicle can be fueled at a reasonable price, run cleanly, and drive for hours without worrying about refueling.

This motorhome is just as safe, if not safer, than any Mercedes vehicle. It holds all the standard, state of the art safety features. Not to mention, the size and durability of the motorhome mitigates the risk of dangerous auto collisions.

The layout of the Mercedes-Benz Airstream Interstate is essentially that of a small apartment. When you enter the motorhome, the first thing you notice on the right-hand side are the huge, swiveling armchairs for comfortably cruising across the nation.

Directly in front of you are a set of large wooden cabinets, holding room for a workspace, when not driving, as well as a fridge and freezer to take all of your favorite foods and leftovers with you. What’s better than enjoying a great meal while on the road? You can even prepare your own meals with ease, as the Interstate holds a stove and a running sink. This added convenience really gives you the feeling of operating out of a moving hotel.

Arguably the worst part of a long road trip is having to constantly worry about where the next rest stop is to find a restroom. With this Mercedes-Benz Airstream Interstate, just pull to the side of the road and use the bathroom available right inside the cabin. At the end of the day, you can even take a soothing shower in this all inclusive bathroom. Finally, rest your head on a full sized bed that pulls out from the large bench seats located in the back. Amazingly, all these features are available in this surprisingly compact vehicle.

When Airstream and Mercedes combine their efforts, the result is a compact, but roomy, example of true craftsmanship. The interior of the motorhome hosts a durable, wood-style flooring, along with handcrafted cabinets and beautiful countertops. This quaint and comfortable motorhome truly is a home on the road.

The Interstate Touring Coach handles and maneuvers easily and provides you with all the conveniences of a hotel room. For five years running, the Mercedes-Benz Airstream Interstate remains the best-selling diesel Class B Motorhome in the country, and it’s no surprise why. Airstream continues to add to their line up of Mercedes-Benz Class B Touring Coaches with the all-new Airstream Atlas.

Dave Arbogast was named the Number 1 Airstream Interstate Touring Coach Dealer in the United States for 2016. If you have any questions about the Mercedes-Benz Airstream Interstate, do not hesitate to contact us or give us a call at 888-436-3216.