New Additions and Improvements for 2014 Explorer Conversion Vans

February 19th, 2014 by

2014 explorer conversion vanIn case you haven’t heard, there are a slew of new features and improvements which have been added to the 2014 lineup of Explorer Conversion Vans.

Many interior appointments have been redesigned to provide upgraded looks and performance. Plus, these numerous new designs will set the new 2014 Explorer Conversion Van apart from previous years’ models. Overall, the many upgrades in the new 2014 model will also put even more distance between this ever-popular conversion van and the rest of the competition. Some of the new features that you’ll find include:

Interior Elements

Increased driver headroom
Black burl trim
Redesigned seating
Redesigned interior trim components
Redesigned front floor console
New style hightop wing cabinet
New style hightop rear cabinet
Redesigned window ledge
New air chute for increased airflow
Improved cabinet door hinges
New style wall
Dynamat sound deadening GM floor application
Dynamat sound deadening in doors

With redesigned and upgraded trim, front console and seating, the eiding experience will GE more comfortable and pleasant than ever. For some time now, General Motors has been an industry leader in sound reduction techniques that yield a quiter cabin. Now GM’s Dynamat sound deadening technology comes to the new Explorer conversions.

Electronics and Audio 

In-motion rear view camera upgrade
Blue ray player now standard, with wi-fi app
HDMI component set up
Game inverter for the 110v outlet
USB charging port
Front surround sound speakers
Rear surround sound speakers
Optional front stereo sub-woofer with amp

Entertainment system upgrades and additions, like the 110v outlet game inverter and the standard blue ray player, will improve the experience of family members and passengers of all ages. The new HDMI component set up concept will allow users to get even more out of the flat-screen TV.

With changes and upgrades to both the sound system combined with new sound deadening features, the 2014 Explorer Conversion Van should offer a quieter ride and better audio experience than ever before.


Indirect lighting dimmer switch
Redesigned valence and indirect lights
Redesigned hightop light panel

Great lighting in a van conversion sets the right mood for many different activities. Plus the new dimmer switch for the indirect lighting adds a whole new level of lighting control.

Exterior Elements

New all-chrome side air vents
New full front bumper cover option
Redesigned rear doors
New jack box cover

Overall, the numerous redesigns and new features should make for an even more enjoyable experience for both drivers and passengers alike.

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