Nine Passenger Conversion Vans

January 23rd, 2010 by
9 Passenger Van
Are you looking for something a little bigger? Is a normal conversion van just a little too small?  Dave Arbogast has the answer for you, a nine passenger conversion van.  Dave Arbogast currently has a large selection of both New 9 Passenger Conversion Vans and Used 9 Passenger Conversion Vans.

A nine passenger van encompasses everything a normal conversion van would  have plus added seats and much more room.  With two rows of captain’s chairs, nine passenger vans are perfect for those long hauls with multiple guests or family members.

When the Arbogast family goes on vacation they take a nine passenger van. “It’s perfect for the long drive to Florida,” Dave Arbogast told us.  “We love the convenience of  being able to haul up to nine people, its perfect.”

The conversion van pictured above is a 2010 Explorer Nine Passenger Conversion Van. This van is completely loaded with seating for nine, 20″ chrome wheels, 26″ Sony Bravia LCD TV, Sunroof, and much more.  For more pictures of nine passenger vans please visit the New or Used inventory.
9 Passenger Interior


For more information on a nine passenger van and how it could fit your needs, contact one of our conversion van experts by calling 1.866.975.3287 or visit our dedicated Nine Passenger Conversion Van Page.
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