Off Season Camping

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Campground fees are one of the biggest expenses  RVers incur, along with food and fuel. One way to reduce this particular expense is to choose camping in the off season with your class b motorhome. Off-season rates are generally drastically reduced or in some cases even eliminated.  Choosing to camp at times other than the popular dates can offer several advantages.

Generally, off-season is considered to be before Memorial Day and after Labor Day. This schedule usually follows school schedules as opposed to seasonal weather patterns but off-season campers can enjoy plenty of warm, beautiful weather in the days and weeks before Memorial Day and after Labor Day.

Reduced Rates

The biggest advantage to off-season camping are the reduced rates. Reductions depend upon individual campground policies so be sure to check as what applies to one campground may not at the next campground over.

Some campgrounds offer reduced rates during the on-season but only mid-week as many campers prefer to visit over weekends and there may be fewer camping during the week. Certain campgrounds will even allow free camping during off-seasons as they have usually turned off utility services and sent home caretakers.

Keep a notebook or a master list of individual campground policies regarding off-season rates so you can refer to the information from year to year.

Remember that off-season fees may change yearly and will vary from state to state so be sure to check before you go.

Smaller Crowds

Aside from the obvious advantage of a reduction in rates for camping, off-season camping also offers smaller crowds to deal with. Most kids are back in school so families are no longer camping in the off-season and many RVers find themselves virtually alone (or only camping with others who are taking advantage of the off-season benefits) at the campgrounds.

Offer Your Services

One way to help reduce campground fees is to offer your services around the campground. Many government-run campgrounds already deal with a reduced staff and a shoestring budget so managers are often thrilled to have volunteers to help out.

Ask about how you can help around the campground in exchange for a reduced rate or even free camping. Caretakers often stay at the campground for free in exchange for doing maintenance and overseeing or just helping with the daily workings of the campground.

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