Parking Lot Party Star: Conversion Van Tailgating

August 20th, 2015 by


A conversion van might be just the ticket for your next tailgating experience. Turn the key and 7-9 people are on their way to their highly anticipated concert or sports venue. With a conversion van, you can have all your friends in one vehicle instead of playing the “Where are you?” game upon arrival.

Enjoying great conversation while driving to and from the event makes the trip seem short. Most vans have superior sound deadening so that hearing the person in the rear seat is plausible, even from the driver’s seat.

Exterior styling is designed to set your van apart from the crowd! From sleek front bumper to chrome exhaust tips, your conversion van will be a definite eye catcher! Exotic paint schemes in colors not available at your car dealer offer a unique look. Many styles of custom wheels offer distinct styling for your conversion van.

Conversion vans offer loads of cargo room for all the tables, chairs, games and cooking paraphernalia necessary for a great tailgating experience. Some even have optional refrigerators or ice boxes. USB charging ports are becoming standard equipment. Air compressors for inflatables and such make a great addition. A 12 volt vacuum system makes clean up of inevitable spills a breeze. Most also have inverters providing 110 AC power for video games, etc. Premium sound systems supply music of your choice, open the doors and windows for an instant concert. Various video players and even large screen TV’s round out the list of options.

After arrival, the comfort factor really becomes important. The seats, often with leather upholstery, are so comfortable you may not want to leave the van! Many swivel to offer flexible arrangements for socializing or a game of cards while the sirloin burgers achieve perfection. Of course, seats should face forward with seat belts fastened when in motion. Interior illumination offers everything from soft mood lighting to high intensity spotlights perfect for finding lost items without disturbing other passengers or blinding the driver.

Many vans have a bench seat in the rear which folds down to become a queen size bed—just the ticket if you are too tired to drive home or if the kids or just need a nap. The captain’s chairs also recline to accommodate snoozers. Just be sure to keep the snoring to a minimum for the other passengers sake!