Preparing a Great Family Camping Trip

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Preparing Great Family Camping Trip


From the spontaneous dreamer to the regimented organizer, a class b camping trip takes at least some planning for everyone. No one wants to spend a cool autumn night in the Appalachian wilderness freezing because they forgot to pack their sleeping bag. The family should expect some planning before enjoying an exciting and memorable camping weekend.

1. Reserve a Campsite
Because our mental image of camping is that of being solitary in nature, we can often forget the hundreds of other families sharing the same mental image. Making it important to call a campsite beforehand to be sure your group does not get turned away at the door. Popular campsites, like national parks and mountain retreats, can be booked months in advance, particularly around the holidays. Be conscious of having to reserve high-demand spots as much as six months in advance, and be prepared to research nearby campsites should your chosen one happens to lack vacancy.

2. Check the Weather
Before you leave, check the weather. Even if you have spent weeks waiting for the perfect, opportune camping weekend, no one is going to enjoy a weekend outside with a predicted 90% chance of thunderstorms. Be flexible with your scheduling. In addition, use weather reports to determine your clothing choices. High temperatures in the lowlands do not always equate high temperatures within the mountain ranges.

3. Make a Packing List
At least a week before the trip, jot down what you think you might need or want and place the list in a visible area, such as the refrigerator. Nine times out of ten, you will remember something you want or need to take that you originally forgot to mention. Add it to the list. A visible and easily accessible list also allows other members of the family to contribute their own camping needs and desires. You may have forgotten that Sandy loves to bring Bocce Ball on family outings, but Sandy sure didn’t. On the morning of your departure, go through the list item by item to ensure nothing is forgotten.

Remember, the main point of camping is for the family to enjoy their time together. Allow opportunities for everyone to become involved, and always, always anticipate for something to go wrong. This is okay, as families will often find it is the mistakes and tribulations that make for the best family memories. So pack a camera and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors.

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