Purchasing a Conversion Van: Top Five Things to Consider…

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Conversion Van Shopping Considerations


In choosing a vehicle, drivers place safety, style, comfort and affordability as top priorities. Conversion vans are an ideal investment and provide a standard in all these categories that can’t be matched by any other vehicle.

Consider the following top five reasons to buy a conversion van:

Choose the features you want.

As the name implies, conversion vans can be converted into anything you want. Regardless of the size of your family, your entertainment needs or your personal tastes and preferences, your van can be designed just for you. Customize the size of your LCD touch screen radio, install swivel middle chairs, choose leather heated seating with lumbar support, include multiple ipod docking stations, gaming systems and DVD players for each passenger, all with wireless access. If someone in your family has a physical disability, conversion vans are the perfect option for adding lifts or special seating. The choices are endless.

Get an enormous amount of space.

Owning a conversion van means not having to contort yourself to fit into the small space often available in third row SUV seating. Typically, these vans comfortably seat seven passengers in four captain’s chairs and a full-size rear bench that is easily accessible. However, you can customize them to seat nine or up to 15 passengers. Families find conversion vans the ideal option for long trips or shuttling kids and their friends to and from sporting events and other errands.

Enjoy traveling in comfort.

Conversion vans offer comfort that is not available in any other vehicle. The full-size captain’s chairs and rear bench are comparable to your living room sofa in comfort. Camping overnight is a comfortable experience, as well. The rear bench usually folds flat, with the touch of a button, into a full-sized bed. Many owners opt for a “high-top” conversion van, allowing them to fully stand in the vehicle. Conversion vans are typically equipped with all the comforts of home, including large windows with shades or blinds, huge storage cabinets, refrigerators or anything else you feel is a necessity on your dream vacation.

Experience a safe, comfortable ride.

Conversion vans are very easy to handle, boasting a turning radius comparable to many minivans. These vehicles include a standard four-wheel Antilock Braking System, and driver and passenger air bags. So, you can feel confident that you’ll arrive at your destination safely. In fact, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, large vans had the lowest fatality rates when compared to all other types of vehicles. They had a rate of 9.3 compared to 17.6 per 100,000 reported fatalities in compact car crashes and 12.34 reported fatalities for large SUVs.

It’s an economical option.

Conversion vans get better gas mileage than your average SUV. Additionally, because they are customizable, you decide what you can afford. Their versatility allows you to customize and upgrade progressively.Enjoy transportation that’s comfortable, stylish and practical. Conversion vans combine all the conveniences of a vehicle with the luxuries you enjoy in your home. Whether you need a van for business, pleasure trips or everyday mobility, conversion vans are the perfect fit.

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