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Winnebago ERA


Let’s get down to business and talk about the real reasons why everyone should take owning a Winnebago Era into very serious consideration.

Let’s first talk about the options that traveling and vacationing by recreational vehicle allow you.

With a Winnebago Era you’re not committed to staying at hotels. Obviously you have brought your home on wheels with you! No worries about if the hotel location is ideal, or if the room and restroom will be clean and bed-bug free. If your plans change at the last minute, you aren’t committed to paying hotel fees for cancellations and you don’t have to worry about check-out times either! There is no hassle of hauling suitcases and luggage in and out of hotels and or airports, and definitely no baggage fees!

Take advantage of the experiences RVing can offer, especially in a great Class B Motorhomes like the Era. See the beautiful countryside between destinations. Take advantage of spur of the moment pit stops at interesting places. Use the opportunity to show your kids their country and teach them. In your Era, the sky is truly the limit when it comes to travel options.

With the Era, you also have a number of conveniences right at your fingertips. Don’t worry about having to stop for potty breaks. If the kids are hungry between meals they can easily grab a snack to hold them over.

Another point to make in regards to taking advantage of an Era for traveling is that there are a number of free and extremely affordable destinations available to you. National parks all admit free and offer some of the most rewarding views and experiences you can find. Campgrounds are also a convenient and affordable travel destination as well as a  great alternative to tent camping.

There are hundreds and hundreds of valuable reasons to turn to RVing for future travel and vacations and the Winnebago Era.

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