Review of the Week: Larry Oaks “Down to Earth and Not Pushy”

February 12th, 2011 by


Larry Review


Reason for Visit: Sales (New)

I recommend this dealer: Yes

Employee(s) Dealt With: Larry Oaks

My Review of Dave Arbogast:

My husband did the original deal with Larry for the last van we purchased in 09. That was a good experience so he decided to try again. This time we needed one that would handle better in the snow. Larry had the solution…Just order one with AWD. We had no idea they put this in a full size van . He assured him we would be very pleased with it, it would not be any higher or harder to climb in and the gas use would not be any greater.He was right on all accounts.

I had never been a fan of car salesmen but after meeting Larry I had a change of heart. He knows people and his product. I was impressed that he was so down to earth and not pushy. All of the salesmen in our area make a pest of themselves all for a sale . this is a total turn-off for both of us. It’s no wonder my husband decided to travel almost four hours to buy this van too. We’ll be back again for the next one and possibly for a replacement for my Tahoe next year.

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