Review: The 2014 Pleasure Way Pursuit

October 14th, 2013 by

Some of the more luxurious Class B motorhomes out there are as intimidating to drive and park as a school bus loaded with students.

But a relatively new entry from Pleasure-Way, the 2014 Pursuit, is a big Class B motorhome wrapped in a slightly smaller but still-luxurious package. From the maple interior woodwork to the ceramic toilet bowl in the private bath, the Pursuit offers plenty of the finer things in life – or at least the finer things in the RV world.

Some of the “finer things” include a one-piece solid molded fiberglass roof, which eliminates many screws — and their potential for causing squeaks and leaks. Looking for great entertainment? There’s the 32″ LCD/LED TV that makes it possible to watch streaming video on your TV monitor, not to mention the BlueRay player with built-in WiFi. The list goes on.

Pleasure-Way, a manufacturer of Class B motorhomes for more than a quarter-century, introduced the Pursuit in 2013 to satisfy the needs of the RV buyers who don’t want or need a huge Class A motorhome. Class As offer lengths of 24 feet and up, but they come with the driving, turning and parking challenges that are inherent in that much weight and length.

To examine what makes the Pleasure-Way Pursuit the perfect size for many RVers, start at the chassis level. Compared to driving a large Class A RV, driving the Pursuit is more like driving a large pick-up truck, because essentially, that’s exactly what’s under the fiberglass. The Pursuit’s total length is 22 feet – just a few inches longer than a Ford F350 long-wheelbase Crew Cab.

The small difference in length and weight compared to large Class A RVs makes a significant difference in the Pursuit’s handling capability. That’s by design, because the Pursuit starts life as an F350 dual rear wheel cutaway chassis. Powering the finished product is Ford’s V10 Triton engine, coupled with a five-speed automatic transmission.

The Pursuit continues Pleasure-Way’s legacy of offering a long list of standard features complemented by some unique options, and all with a focus on quality. The company believes that it maintains such a high level of quality because all the construction is done in-house.

While Pleasure-Way’s standard features are well-known among RVers, this year, company executives are trumpeting a new option offered in the Pursuit – the Tri-Fold Electric Sofa. Just push a button, and the sofa converts into a 60-inch by 80-inch queen-sized bed, with no need for tabletops or extra supports.

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