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January 15th, 2011 by


Roadtrek Motorhome


You may not realize this, but sometimes you don’t always have to buy new – especially when it comes to RVs.

Take a RoadTrek Class B motorhome for example. Compared to most other motorhomes, the resale value of Roadtrek is generally much higher. To top it off, like most other RVs its value depreciates much slower than most cars.

There are a number of reasons purchasing a used Roadtrek is appealing to many. Let’s start with the basics. In terms of stability, a Roadtrek has a much lower center of gravity compared to other manufacturers’ vehicles. Also, the water tanks in a Roadtrek are located much closer to its axle, which means better weight distribution.

Thanks to a longer wheelbase, it’s also tough to beat a Used Roadtrek when it comes to highway stability. For example, the Roadtrek 190’s length is about 58 percent longer than its wheelbase versus 91 percent for a 22’Class B motorhome with a 138″ wheelbase.

Also, most Roadtreks come with other amenities which you may not be able to find in many other RVs. In brands 170 and 190 models, you’ll find a built-in-sewage hose system, and in the 210 and RS, a macerator sewage pump. It doesn’t stop there either. Other Roadtreks come with everything from a unique cloverleaf dining table, stand-up aisle shower, lowered floor, exterior storage compartments, built-in heat pumps, and dual layer foam beds.

So what is the most appealing aspect of purchasing a Roadtrek? Quite simply, you get far more bang for your buck.

In addition to Roadtreks coming loaded with everything a traveler could desire, they are also small and easy to park. Even better is that because the Chevy-based Roadtreks don’t even look like most motorhomes, you don’t have to worry about RV parking restrictions and can park them in a normal space. Also, with a more aerodynamic shape and smaller overall size and weight, a Roadtrek isn’t going to drain your wallet when you go to fill up either.

It’s not difficult to see that with all the additional features, purchasing a new or used Roadtrek is the way to go. It is easily one of the most ideal RV models for travelers who enjoy those long, family vacations.

If you’re in the market for a new Class B Camper Van, and looking to save a little cash, checking out a used Roadtrek might be the way to go.

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