Roadtrek RS E-Trek: Efficieny on the Move

June 6th, 2013 by

Roadtrek RS E-TrekFor years, recreational vehicles have held many positive associations in American culture. The open highway, luxury, family time, and adventure-these are just a few of the words which have come to be connected to the traveling lifestyle.

With that said, some individuals are always looking for ways to save money, especially in regards to their lack of fuel economy and energy efficiency.

Today, Class B motorhome manufacturers across the United States are looking to stem the tide of energy inefficiency by releasing sustainable models designed to conserve energy at every turn. These Class B models are bringing technological innovations, once only found in homes, on the road as well.

The all new Roadtrek RS E-trek is a prime example of this changing dynamic. Despite being the size of a large cargo van, the E-trek offers the comforts of home when you are away from home. Packing a full bathroom with a standard shower, two sinks, belted seating room for seven passengers, as well as a microwave, stove, and fridge, the RS E-trek offers everything you need to live independent of RV parks, motels, and restaurants. And with recycled materials and easy-to-clean surfaces furnishing many parts of the interior, the RS E-trek is designed to stay tidy as well.

But the most impressive of the features found in the E-trek is not its palatial interior, it is its energy and fuel efficiency. Given the wide, flat roof of the E-trek, Roadtrek made the decision to include solar panels as an added method of collecting energy. Combined with a bank of high-capacity 6-Volt batteries or an optional lithium-ion setup, this solar power system gives you the energy you need to power your devices, appliances, and climate control system. More importantly, the 3.0 Liter Mercedes-Benz diesel engine doubles as a generator, giving you even more power generation capacity when you are far along on the road less traveled.

Although the Roadtrek RS E-trek is not made to compete with the largest of recreational vehicles, its comfortable interior, stylish exterior, and affordable price make it a win for RV buyers of all budgets and needs.

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