Roadtrek to Introduce 40th Anniversary Edition Model

September 4th, 2013 by

roadtrekRoadtrek will be unveiling their 40th anniversary edition model at the 2013 Supershow in Hershey, Pennsylvania on September 11-15, 2013.

Some of the new features in this anniversary edition will include a crushed glass exterior paint finish in a mocha/steel color that stands out, tan leather captain chairs and couch, extra headroom, and an integrated shower with bamboo cabinets. Other features include 205 watts of solar power, 3500 watt engine generator, 3000 watt inverter, four coach batteries and a hydronic hot water heat system. All Roadtrek RV’s are built on Chevy van chassis. The anniversary edition is Chevy’s higher end model the 190 Popular.

Roadtrek Motorhomes, Inc is based out of Ontario, Canada and leads in the class B industry for manufacturing RV’s in North America. President Jim Hammill is set to celebrate 40 years in the business by introducing a model that includes everything that has made Roadtrek successful over the years.

Originally founded in 1953 by Jac Hanemaayer who became involved in RV’s for personal use by designing one for himself and had it built by a company that was struggling to stay alive at the time, Home & Park Vehicles. Hanemaayer liked the RV so much afterwards that he bought the company. In later years, he completely re-designed it engineering a now-famous low profile roof, lowered floor and three floor plans to choose from. It was then that Roadtrek Van Motorhome was born.

Roadtrek offers many standard comforts and features. They include the following:
Kitchen, Bathroom, inside and outside showers, bedroom, relaxation area, entertainment area, heating and cooling, spare room and an optional four-wheel drive. All models are completely self-contained and are Chevy models.

Roadtrek offers many traveling uses including leisure vacations, long drives, tailgating at sporting events, outdoor recreation, spectator sports activities, visiting families, mobile office and/or meeting room, traveling for work and more.

Roadtreks are ultra clean fuel efficient and have turbo diesel V6 engines. With an adaptive electronic program for stability it will manage the vehicles load capacity at all times and use traction control and anti-lock braking systems when necessary. All cabs offer climate control, tilt steering and comfort seating. Rack and pinion steering gives a smooth driving experience. Since Roadtreks are relatively small in comparison to other RV’s it makes it easier to park in regular spaces avoiding the RV restricted parking regulations.

Roadtrek The Van is the home away from home and your luxury van. Come on out to the Supershow in Hershey, Pennsylvania September 11-15, 2013 and see the unveiling of their 40th anniversary edition model.

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