Roadtreking Introduced New and Improved, Updated Blog

October 2nd, 2013 by

Those of you who are familiar with Roadtrek’s Class B motorhome lifestyle blog – Roadtreking – are going to be thrilled to it was recently updated.

Packed with features which will help Class B lifestyle fans live their hobby to the absolute fullest, the updated blog is quickly becoming a fan favorite camper van enthusiasts everywhere, especially Roadtrek owners.

Roadtreking has long been an excellent source of information for those Class B owners who travel in one of the brand’s models. Now, the blog has been fully updated and modernized making it even more appealing to travelers. An excellent forum for has also been added so Roadtrek owners can ask questions, learn about exciting new do it yourself repairs and unit modifications, and share their experiences with other motor home owners.

Although the blog has never been taken down, it has been in need of a revision for some time now. Social media networks, such as Myspace, Facebook, and the like, were cutting into the audience for Class B and many other online blogs. Such social media sites were a serious source of competition for online blogs, laregely because of their wider audience and ease of access.

However, recent changes in the way sites such as Facebook regulate the availability of posts which can be seen by members have opened up a huge loophole which has facilitated the resurgence of online blogs such as Roadtreking.

Regardless, the result of this is Roadreking has now taken advantage of this excellent opportunity, revamping and revised its blog. The new Class B blog is simply bursting with useful information regarding Roadtrek and the Class B motorhome lifestyle. If you’re an enthusiast of this hobby, the Roadtreking blog is a very organic place to connect with others who share similar travel interests.

The new Roadtreking blog is destined to be a much sought after place for motorhome fans, whether newcomers or seasoned veterans of the lifestyle.

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