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June 22nd, 2013 by
While camping in your conversion van or class b motorhome is one of the best ways to get away from the hustle and bustle.  However the average person is not able to go for weeks at a time without having a reliable internet connection. Whether because of commitments to work, family or school, most people need some way to stay connected when they are camping. Luckily, as peoples need for technology has grown, the ways in which you can access the internet even when camping has grown around this need. Here are some options for reliable internet that you should be able to have access to no matter where you are camping.

Campground Wi-Fi

Believe it or not, campgrounds have begun to accommodate for the needs of the modern campers. More and more campgrounds have begun to update their Wi-Fi capabilities; this has made it so that campers in even the most remote areas can have steady internet connection wherever they are in their campgrounds. Even campgrounds without extended Wi-Fi coverage usually offer Wi-Fi in specific locations. If you know it will be vital for you to stay connected when you are camping, consider finding a campground that specifically offers Wi-Fi when making your reservations. Also, campgrounds that do not have Wi-Fi may allow you to use one of their computers for a fee.

Public Wi-Fi

If the campground you want to go to does not offer Wi-Fi you have a couple more options for easily connecting to Wi-Fi. If you do not need extended internet access but simply need to access your email, you can always find free public Wi-Fi. If your campground is located in or near a city, you should be able to easily locate free Wi-Fi. Most coffee shops, fast-food restaurants and grocery stores now offer free Wi-Fi. You can easily ask a campground employee where the nearest public Wi-Fi is, and they will usually be able and willing to direct you to a location where you can get internet access.

Get a MiFi

Most cell phone providers now offer wireless internet hotspots. These wireless devices allow you to connect your portable device to the internet using a cell phone connection. These devices are extremely handy as they allow you to have access to an internet connection anywhere in which your provider has cell phone service. These are possibly the best option since for an affordable price you can access the internet anywhere anytime you want. Even when you are traveling in your car you can access the internet. Prices for these services vary from one provider to the next. The cost also depends on whether you sign up for a contract or pay month to month.

More and more people are unable to go for long periods of time without staying connected to the internet. Luckily there are many options for the modern campers that allow them to stay connected in even the most remote location. These options will allow you to experience a relaxing camping experience, while at the same time you can feel secure knowing you can stay connected throughout your trip.

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