Stewie Griffin Takes Over The World in a Conversion Van!

December 11th, 2012 by



While Stewie Griffin has yet to take up the world, most security experts agree that it is only a matter of time before we are all living under his thumb. Many have speculated about why his efforts have failed, but experts are worried that the young genius is about to discover the key for succeeding: the conversion van. Here are some of the reasons why Stewie Griffin will inevitably take over the world in a conversion van.

First, the United States is the best place to launch a takeover effort. Because of its relative isolation, the United States offer strategic advantages that other regions cannot match. Traveling the United States is best done by using the highway system, and conversion vans offer the best way to traverse the nation. Once Stewie Griffin realizes this fact, citizens of the world can expect his ultimate plan to begin.

Conversion vans also offer the space necessary to carry the equipment needed to launch a takeover. Computers will play an important role, and the space provided by conversion vans can even allow small servers to be installed. Further, the size of conversion vans enables proper cooling of computer equipment and other necessities for a takeover. Thanks to his small size, Stewie Griffin will be able to use a small corner of his conversion van for sleeping and other necessities.

It should also be noted that Stewie Griffin does not settle for less than the best. Stewie Griffin is a toddler with sophisticated tastes, and his center of operations will undoubtedly be luxurious. While RVs can accomplish this task, their large size makes them an unrealistic option. Paired with Stewie Griffin’s creativity and the amenities provided by conversion vans, it makes sense that he will choose this mode of travel.

Stealth will also be important for taking over the world, and Stewie Griffin will take advantage of the nondescript nature of conversion vans. Vans are popular means of transportation in the United States, and they make it easy to hide takeover equipment. Armed with a conversion van, Stewie Griffin will be able to travel the nation while blending in with his surroundings. Drivers should be aware that the van they see passing them on the highway may well be carrying Stewie Griffin, future world dictator.