Stunning Interior Features Included With the 2018 Winnebago Era

January 24th, 2018 by

2018 Era Interior Features WinnebagoWhether you’re planning on pulling up stakes and hitting the road for an extended tour of the continent or planning weekend getaways and vacations in a Winnebago. Knowing the interior features is almost important as knowing the quality and performance of the engine that powers it. In that spirit, we present a Winnebago Era interior features overview.

3 Floor Plans to Choose From

All three of the Winnebago Era models offer spacious floor plans and each has features that make it the best choice for use by different “groups” of inhabitants. For example, model 70A offers a semi-private bedroom area that can be switched from twin beds to a single queen-size bed. It also has a convertible sofa bed to accommodate more sleeping bodies.

Model 70C offers a spacious, private bathroom with a walk-in shower and plenty of storage. Its sofa sleeper is a slide-out that creates more walking around room in the common living area. Model 70X has twice as many captain’s seats (four) than the other models. It also includes seating for three more seat-belted passengers in the rear of the vehicle on the convertible sofa bed.

Interior Finishes

The lighter color scheme of the Winnebago Era interior features light canvas colored ultraleather upholstery on all of the captain’s chairs, as well as the sofa beds and sofa sleepers. Additionally, benches in the semi-private area in the back of model 70X are covered in ultraleather.

The cabinets in the lighter Winnebago Era interior have a glossy finish in a dark canvas color, a perfect contrast to the color of the light canvas upholstery. The vinyl floors have a faux wood grain that is similar in color to lightly stained walnut wood. Carpeting in the semi-private bedroom areas is a dark beige. Both of these surfaces will handle high traffic well and should easily hide traffic marks or tracked-in dirt.

The Corian countertop surfaces are beige speckled in white, gray and medium brown, evoking a feeling of granite. The bed coverings are a brownish-beige tweed-like fabric.

Cabinets in the darker color scheme are a glossy black-onyx wood grain. Corian counter tops are predominantly light gray streaked in cream and darker gray which gives it the appearance of marble.

The ultraleather is a deep gray with the same dark beige carpeting as the lighter color scheme in the bedroom area. Vinyl flooring is a medium-gray wood-grain color while the bed covers resemble a dark and light gray snakeskin pattern.

Table Tops

Although model 70A does not come standard with a pedestal table, it does contain a mount in the seating area near the front for an optional one. Model 70C contains a rectangular pedestal table directly in front of the sofa bed. However, it must be removed to push the sliding sofa back into the interior of the vehicle for travel.

Model 70X comes with a squarish pedestal table centered among the four captain’s chairs. It also has an additional mount for a pedestal table in the semi-private area in the rear of the vehicle.

Kitchen Features

The kitchens in all three models are complete as to kitchen appliances, sinks and counter space, but the newest Class B Motorhome model, 70C, comes with a larger refrigerator that includes a freezer compartment.

All models have upper and lower storage areas in the kitchens, stove tops and kitchen sinks that can be covered over when not in use.