Summer Hot Spots: Traveling in a Conversion Van

July 9th, 2013 by

Sure, everyone loves to travel in a RV, but most would never consider a some of the Summer Hot Spots we have listed below in a conversion van.

We’re here to tell you anything is possible, especially when it comes to traveling in a conversion van. The sky is truly the limit when it comes to the many features available in a conversion, all of which are designed to help make your time out on the road an adventure and not a chore.


If there are only a few people traveling, you can find a site at a local campground. Fold the seats down and sleep in sleeping bags, or take a tent and set it up beside your conversion van.

The Beach

The spacious interior of the conversion van will give the family plenty of room to stretch out and relax while traveling to the beach. Children can watch movies if there is a television in the van, and they can also play video games while riding.

Grand Canyon

Explore the trails and the canyon after parking your van at one of the camp sites in the area. The family can enjoy activities like rafting and walking along the edge of the canyon with a tour guide.

Yosemite Park

This is a relaxing location where families can park a van and spend the night. There are 10 parks to choose from. Walk through the forests or explore some of the rocks near the mountains.

Walt Disney World

There are camp sites near the park that allow vans. You can drive the van to the park the day that you want to visit, and then go back to the campsite to sleep and eat dinner.

Hoover Dam

This has been a popular attraction in the United States for years. You can walk across the dam in some areas with a tour guide, or you can stand on the edge of the trails and watch the water flow over. RV parks allow conversion vans, and you can grill at the parks near the dam.

Yellowstone National Park

Watch with amazement as Old Faithful erupts, and learn how geysers work. Children can participate in the Junior Ranger program. After you have set up your site, you can hunt, fish and view some of the wildlife in the area.

Hershey, Pennsylvania

Wake up every morning to the smell of chocolate in the air. Tour the Hershey factory, and take home samples of delicious sweet treats. Discover how the chocolate is made, and the different kinds of products that the company makes. There is a theme park with over 60 rides, a zoo and botanical gardens in the area.

Washington, D.C.

If you enjoy history, then you will love traveling through the city in your conversion van. Stop at various attractions like the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial and the Smithsonian. There are numerous museums and galleries to walk through as well.

San Diego, California

Plan a day of fun in the sun with whales and dolphins at SeaWorld. You can also visit the San Diego Zoo or the Fleet Science Center.

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