Taking a Holiday Excursion? Looking to Avoid the Boredom of a Long Drive?

November 19th, 2013 by

conversion van entertainmentThe prospect of a long haul on the highway can be rather daunting, especially for those with children. Nothing can make a long drive more of an ordeal than bored and impatient kids. If you are lucky enough to have a conversion van, there are some good strategies for avoiding the boredom and making the miles and the hours fly by.

Most conversion vans, even low tops, provide plenty of space for a smorgasbord of electronic distractions. With flat screen technology, televisions can be easily installed in tight quarters. A few good movies for the folks in the back can really help pass the time. Nowadays the choices in entertainment systems are pretty extensive, and you will likely want to have not only a DVD player, but also a gaming console. If the kids tire of watching movies, they can switch over to the game system and blast their way through those dull miles. You can even create a gaming center in your conversion van!

One of the beauties of a conversion van is the spacious interior. In this arena no car can compete with a full-sized conversion van. If your van has captain’s chairs and a table, you have the luxury of going low-tech with your entertainment and playing old-fashioned card or board games. Aside from the lower volume, which the driver will appreciate, such diversions would be preferable for those who tend to get a bit carsick while watching a screen in a moving vehicle. Having the passengers gather around the table to play cards or a board game can also be a better bonding experience than simply watching a movie or playing video games.

A conversion van also affords one the option of camping out along the way without the super high gas bill of an RV. If you plan on a trip that takes more than one day and want to avoid the cost of a hotel room, just find a good camping park on your route. For families who love the outdoors, this gives you the opportunity to combine a little camping expedition with your holiday road trip. Many conversion vans come especially outfitted with all you will need: mini-fridge, sink, or even a propane stove. Some also offer awnings or enclosed tents that can be attached to the passenger side of the van so you can really open up the living space.

Turn that road trip into an adventure. Traveling in a conversion van allows for lots of possibilities not available in a regular car. The miles will zip by once you have banned boredom and turned travel time into family time.

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