The Cheese Lover’s Guide to Sandwich Survival in a Class B Motorhome

November 7th, 2012 by


grilled cheese
The quest for the ultimate grilled cheese knows no geographical limitations.

The perfect grilled cheese must be attainable in any kitchen, at any destination. For these reasons, it is a necessity the grilled cheese discussion include the Class B Motorhome.

Once the grilled cheese has gained domain over this recreational vehicle, its powers will be exponential. The grilled cheese will be able to travel with impunity. From the mountains to the coast, the grilled cheese will be there. In the sparest campground where there are hardly enough acorns for the squirrels, the grilled cheese will be present. Lonely drives along desolate interstates will be vanquished by the ultimate grilled cheese.

The beauty of the grilled cheese sandwich is that it needs very little to attain perfection. As far as hardware, you simply need some form of pan and a utensil that can flip and slice. This can be the same utensil, when necessary. The majority of Class B Motorhomes actually feature a decent little kitchenette. You have a heat source built into a stove which is of top priority. To begin, you should clear a space for slicing cheese. This is our main element. If necessary, move your cheese slicing department to other parts of the cabin. You may end of with cheese everywhere, depending on how many grilled cheese sandwiches you plan on making in one sitting.

A perfect grilled cheese sandwich is going to require at least three different types of cheeses. Luckily, Class B Motor Homes provide you the room necessary to refrigerate this amount of gooey goodness. The actual cheese can vary from person to person. However, the standard recommendation effects both flavor and texture. You should have one stiff, sharp cheese. A mild cheese should be placed in the center, and a soft cheese should be placed on what will become the bottom of the sandwich. Each of these cheeses will melt at different rates, allowing for a variety of exploding textures and flavors with each bite.

Once you get the pan heating on the stove, you must quickly to add the next key ingredient: real butter. The perfect grilled cheese sandwich requires a sacrifice from your arteries. Most Class B Motor Homes have stoves that will heat quickly. Because of this fact, it is important that the butter be added early so that is doesn’t burn away. Place your cheese between three layers of bread. The actual number of tiers can vary according to appetite. You then place your sandwich in the pan, and wait for one side to brown. Here is where the capabilities of a Class B Motorhome kitchen can be misleading. A proper flipping technique is required for grilled cheese perfection. Most people may assume that you do not have the room necessary to flail as you flip. However, most Class B Motorhomes offer plenty of headroom for the proper air to movement ratios required. The level of carbon on the bread is left up to the chef. Conclude your creation by adding a dash of salt, and you have kindled a romance that knows no bounds.

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