The Conversion Van: Making Life Easier for Those with Disabilities

August 28th, 2013 by

mobility vanAutomobiles have come a long way when it comes to making life easier for those with disabilities.

With that said, the conversion van has come even farther.

Since its debut more than fifty years ago, the conversion van has become an asset to those suffering with disabilities, allowing the disabled to get around more comfortably as well as much more easily than that of a standard van.

Today’s conversion vans can be custom equipped to suit the needs of both a driver or passenger with a disability. If the disability is a motor problem with lifting the legs to get into the van, there is now an option of including a motorized valet seat which will lower with the help of a handheld remote control, and will then rise and turn after the passenger is sitting comfortably on the seat thus eliminating the need to lift the legs to enter the van. If passengers are wheelchair bound, conversion vans can be equipped with hydraulic lifts that will lift the wheelchair into the van.

The conversion van has many features on board to insure safety of all passengers. Features such as power windows and mirrors, automatic lights that will come on and go off when needed, a video screen in the back- up mirror to let you view what is behind the van when backing, and a sensor that beeps when an object is too close during backing up all work to make the conversion van an easy drive. Optional On-Star service is available so if there is an emergency, help is only minutes away.

The comfort level of the conversion van for passengers is high. Some conversion vans are equipped with built in television screens that can play video games, movies, or connect to a computer device. Equipped with 110 volt outlets, the van will allow any equipment that a passenger might need to be used without worry of power outage. If a passenger is in need of a special piece of electrical equipment, the conversion van can handle it.

With plenty of added space in the van comes comfort. Extra head and leg room allows manipulating a disabled person while in the van much easier and safer. Caregivers have more room to move around the interior when tending their disabled passenger.

Being disabled does not have to mean giving up the freedom to see the country, take trips, and go places that other people enjoy. The comfort and convenience that the conversion van affords to its passengers makes transportation for a disabled person a reality and gives them back the independence they so richly deserve.

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