The NFL Playoffs in a Conversion Van

January 10th, 2011 by

Conversion Van TailgatingIt’s here. It happens every year at this time and is the only thing about the month of January I look forward too. What am I so excited about you ask? The NFL Playoff season is upon us, that’s why.

This past weekend, football fans everywhere watched the first round of what will hopefully turn out to be an exciting playoff season.  Aside from the games themselves, one of my favorite things about watching the playoffs is getting to witness the sheer craziness of all the fans that go to the games.

As I was watching the pre-coverage for Sunday’s Eagles/Packers game, the cameras happened to show something which caught my attention – a number of both teams’ fans who were had a conversion van. At first I was a bit surprised to see so many, but after some thought it made sense.

Conversion vans are cheaper than motorhomes, they’re more convenient and they provide tailgaters with everything they need to have a great time. With tons of cargo space and seating, as well as the fact a conversion van gets better gas mileage than the average SUV, what’s not to like?

It’s so easy to toss a portable grill and a couple coolers in the back of a conversion van, load up your friends and hit the road to the game. When you get there, everyone can enjoy watching pre-game coverage on a LCD television. Also, some van conversions even come with a kitchenette, bathroom and internet capabilities. Bringing along a small canopy tent to set up outside your conversion van is no problem either.

For those who go tailgating at games in some of the colder cities in the country, they have the luxury of being able to hop in their conversion van to warm up for a few minutes. This is especially a plus for those who take kids with them.

The small size of a conversion van versus a motorhome is another plus. Although large enough to bring all your friends along, they’re also compact enough to make getting into that tight parking space easy and setting up for the game a breeze.

With temperatures in the teens in Philadelphia, Sunday’s pre-coverage of the Eagles/Packers game had me and my family cracking up at those fans seen sitting outside a small two-door car, cold and shivering. On the flip side, we were impressed by those who had gone the extra mile to deck out their Explorer conversion van.

It wasn’t difficult to see which fans were having the better time.

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