The Perfect Conversion Van For the Holidays

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Perfect Conversion Van For Holidays


The holidays are the perfect time to take an extended vacation, and it is quite normal that many people do, often along with their families. Since international travel can often be quite expensive, sometimes the best way to vacation is to explore places on a national level. The United States is so large, and has so many excellent places to visit, that many successive vacations can be spent traveling around the nation.

Another concern and large part of the cost of travelling is comfortable transportation during long stretches of traveling. This problem is easily eliminated when a vehicle such as an RV, motor home, or conversion van comes into the picture. Many people do not know exactly what a conversion van is in comparison to RVs and motorhomes. The main difference lies in the fact that a conversion van (also known as luxury van or custom van) is typically a normal van reinvented as a traveling home, while retaining the smaller size and efficiency of a car. They can easily transport a group of people or families anywhere in size from 6-10 people. They typically share some features with camper vans or RVs, but are usually more luxurious and comfortable for long-term transportation and day-time use.

A perfect example of a great conversion van is the Southern Comfort Conversion Van model. Reviews for this van are pretty much entirely favorable across the board, from comfort, to entertainment. With the Explorer, the entire family (plus friends!) can travel not only in complete comfort, but in complete style that has often been monopolized only by extravagantly-priced SUVs. From within the van, the ride is incredibly smooth and comfortable, and passengers can also enjoy the lack of noise. Little, seemingly unimportant details like cleverly placed mood lighting, mini blinds for the windows, and heated/cooled cup holders all make quite an impact.

One of the best characters of the Explorer is the ability to entertain during long hauls on the road. Flip-down LCD TV screens can be embedded pretty much anywhere, with high-quality speakers all around so that everyone can see and hear what is on. The Explorer’s roof can be a high-top or a low-top depending on how important head room is. Passengers with different favored temperature ranges can all be accommodated by the multiple air conditioning controls throughout the van. USB charging ports allow the van to supply power to external and personal electronics. Premium carpeting invites passengers to relax with their shoes off, just like at home. Seating has a variety of options in material, swivel abilities, back support, and degree of leaning. The back seats can be completely laid out to make a comfortable bed.

Finally, safety is a feature that is not overlooked in the Explorer. A rear-view camera gives the driver a helping hand in backing up safely. Front step bumpers allow passengers to enter the van with ease, and without having to take uncomfortable high steps. The van’s chassis comes standard with StabiliTrack, which ensures that the body of the van remains intact and stable during difficult driving conditions.

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