Throw a Christmas Party In Your Conversion Van

December 6th, 2012 by

Christmas Party Conversion Van

Throwing a Christmas party in a conversion van is not as demanding as it may sound. In fact, it is rather easy once the essential components are in place, and the Christmas spirit is alive and well.

Using The Right Equipment: It Should Not Be Too Big Or Too Small

The main thing to be conscious of is the amount of space people will have to move around freely. If the decorative items are too big, they will take up too much room. On the other hand, if the decorative items are somewhat small, they will be easy to maneuver and work around. Furthermore, more items will be able to fit and look right, not forced.

Decorating Accordingly: Everything Should Blend In And Complement Both The Van And The Theme

Seat coverings are perfect for this unique occasion for several reasons: They look amazing; they are comfortable to sit on; they are inexpensive, versatile and durable. The same seat coverings can be used for any number of Christmas parties. Now, what is a Christmas party without some lights? Put as many lights as you want around the seats and on the roof.

Music is the next thing to be conscious of because nothing else can elicit the Christmas spirit in a conversion van like some sing-along carols can. Forego bringing a stereo into the van. The van’s radio system will be fine to use unless it is incapable of playing music from CDs. You can, however, bring some speakers and use them to boost the radio’s sound output. The sing-along carols will be easier to hear and more pleasant to tolerate throughout the party.

Serving Drinks And Food: The Selection Should Smell Good, Look Good And Be Accessible

The terrific thing about a conversion van is that it has the amenities and extra features for occasions such as this one. You can even make one mean cup of hot chocolate in one if you want. For a Christmas party, the food and drinks are best served from a tray. There is a variety of tray types available. Although they all are suitable, you should use the hanging type as you would not have to find some way to work around it. You will be able to hang it on the door, with the window down, and not have to worry about it at all. The tray will certainly be sturdy enough to support your food for any duration. As for the drinks, you can place them on the tray as well, but they would remain cool inside of a cooler or, better yet, a refrigerator. There are plenty of small refrigerators that would be excellent for your Christmas party.

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