Throw a New Year Eve’s Party in Your Conversion Van!

December 31st, 2012 by


That $500 New Year’s Eve bash offered by every lodging establishment in the country, or Uncle Bob’s yearly drinkfest party, will pale in comparison to the fun you can have right out there in your own driveway.

But only if you own a conversion van that is…

And, if you don’t like the atmosphere, crank her up and move to a moon-lit lakeside, or the local fireworks display. The world is your oyster if you do own a conversion van.

After a New Year’s Eve night of celebrating, sometimes the drive home can be scary and dangerous (if you know what I mean). But in your own driveway? No problem! And if you are at another choice location and your driving abilities are questionable, your conversion van can accommodate comfortably, several celebratory friends and relatives for an extended stay.

If you don’t want to miss the New York City Time Square Ball Drop, drive there. But if you are frugal, sensible, and live way too far from New York City, turn on the high definition LCD TV in your conversion van. Its like being right there, and you can kick back with a cup of microwave hot chocolate, topped with whipped cream from your refrigerator. If Uncle Bob is with you, he can grab a cooling refreshment and recline in the luxurious custom seating.

Maybe Uncle Bob’s antics at his last New Year’s party is not your idea of family fun. After all, mimicking the New York City ball drop by dropping that $100 crystal Christmas ornament off the top of his head was not that funny. Especially with Aunt Bell standing there cringing at the present she gave you sprawled in pieces on the floor.

The spouse and kids may be your ‘cup of tea’, or hot chocolate for New Year’s Eve. In a conversion van before the big event, the kids can enjoy video games, movies and munch on hors d’oeuvres, while the grow-ups can pick a variety of electronic entertainment from music to video. Earphones for individual privacy makes it all possible.

With all the electronic gadgetry available, and that big screen to watch the Ball Drop, an alternative simple project can start an annual ritual that the whole family will look forward to each year.

Want Your Own Ball Drop In Your Conversion Van?

Tie a strand of fishing line or string, the entire inside length of the conversion van, from the rearview mirror at the front windshield to the floor of the back door. Pull taunt creating an incline descending from the front to the back. Countdown from 5 seconds to midnight and release that crystal Christmas ornament that Aunt Bell had to replace, from the mirror to let slide to the back along the string – A New York City Ball Drop, Conversion Van style! (A $2 ball ornament will suffice, after all…. you are supposed to be frugal)

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