Tips for Trading in Your Conversion Van

July 22nd, 2014 by

Sure, at we always talk about the things one should be looking for one buying a conversion van but we’ve yet to touch base on how to go about getting one ready to sell.

There are a few basic things you can do to help ensure you’re getting top dollar when it comes to your conversion van. In fact, I’m going to highlight two of the largest problems and both may shock you when you learn the simplicity of which they can be handled, and how much of difference doing so can mean when it comes to raking in those extra dollars on your trade.


It’s simple. If your conversion van looks like it was hit by a cyclone when you bring it in to trade for a new one, the odds are it will decrease your chances of getting top dollar for it. It’s simple. Who wants a conversion van that looks like the owner never took care?

On the flipside, if the van looks clean and fresh on the inside, then it will undoubtedly attract more positive attention. A clean vehicle shows pride in ownership and a strong first impression can lead to a fantastic lasting impression on a potential buyer. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why individuals are unable to take the time necessary to prepare their vehicle for a trade. Maybe they don’t have time? Maybe they don’t think it will work? Or, perhaps they’re just lazy? Regardless, make sure you take the time to ensure your van is as clean as possible before trying to sell it to anyone, whether it be a private individual or a dealership.


Again, this is yet another example of a simple task you can perform to help ensure your van gets top dollar before taking it in to be appraised. Make sure you have your van looking as sharp as possible. Think about it. Would you show up to a huge job interview looking like a slob? No. So why would you show up to a dealership trying to sell a van that looks like it’s covered in a fine layer of brown film because it never gets washed.