Tips for Washing Your Conversion Van

August 22nd, 2013 by

As with any vehicle, it’s always important to keep your conversion van looking clean by doing periodic washings. VanWash.jpg

A thorough washing will not only keep your van looking great, but can also help to prevent the development of rust and other corrosion.

With that said, conversion vans can be a little more difficult to clean than most other vehicles due to their large size. Some specials steps must be taken to be sure you’re ready to bring your A-game to the table when washing your van.

Automated Washes

In some cases, a conversion van can be cleaned by taking it through an automated commercial carwash. However, van owners need to be certain the van will FIT into the carwash. There is usually a sign near the carwash entrance stating the maximum vehicle height a carwash will accept. Trying to put an oversized vehicle into the carwash can result in expensive damage to both the vehicle and the carwash. Don’t just think about the height of your van. Antennas and other rooftop accessories may need to be removed before going through the carwash as.

Washing Your Van at A Carwash or at Home

When washing a conversion van at a standard carwash or at home, it is important to have the right tools. A step stool or short ladder is one tool which is needed to properly wash a conversion van. These tools will allow the van owner to access the top of the van to make sure it is thoroughly cleaned. The use of a ladder or stool will also allow for a visual inspection of the van’s roof for possible problems. Brushes and other cleaning devices fitted with an extension handle are also useful for cleaning a conversion van. While spray on waxes typically do not provide as attractive of a finish as a hand waxing, spray on waxes are ideal for conversion vans as it can take hours to hand wax a conversion van. Due to the size of a conversion van, a vacuum cleaner or carpet cleaner can help speed the process of cleaning the interior. One last thing, cleaning your conversion van’s windows is also very important. After all, no one likes to look out of a window covered in dirt, grimes and dead bugs after a long haul in the country.

Don’t Forget to Clean EVERYTHING

When cleaning a conversion van, it is important to wash the underside of the vehicle to prevent corrosion. When cleaning tires on a conversion van, use water to spray off the wheels and tires, wheel wells and splash guards under the van to remove dirt, sand and other debris. Tires and wheels can then be cleaned and preserved with a commercial product designed for that purpose. When cleaning the tires and wheels, the van owners should keep an eye out for possible problems such as low tire pressure, dented wheels or dry rot on the tires.

Though cleaning a conversion van can take some time and effort, it is worth it. By keeping a conversion van clean, the van will look great and last longer. Best of all, once it is clean it will be ready to hit the road on its next great adventure.

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