Tips on Handling Common Roadside Emergencies

January 27th, 2014 by

A conversion van is an excellent investment that an individual can make. With this vehicle, a person can enjoy his or her road trip to the fullest. While this is true, it is still smart to prepare  for the worst. In fact, when ready for anything, one can drive their conversion van all over the country and not worry about a thing. Here are three common roadside emergencies and how to handle them.

The dreaded flat tire!

Nothing can ruin a day like a flat tire. When on the side of the road, a lot of people panic and instinctively call a tow truck. This is an expensive proposition and one should avoid this at all costs. To get started, a person should first know where his or her spare tire is. Usually, it is located under the van. Then, once a person accesses the tire, they should find the tire iron to remove the old one. Finally, when putting on the new wheel, one should tighten the lug nuts and go on his or her way. To avoid further issues, a van owner should drive down to a tire shop and ask an employee to double-check the work.

We’re all out of gas!

Now, it is not hard to run out of gas. Often, while in the middle of nowhere, a driver will realize that he or she does not have enough gas. When faced with this prospect, one should drive in the right lane as this will allow him or her to pull over quickly. Then, a prepared person should simply use some spare gas they have in the car. If this is not the case, a driver should opt to hitchhike and try to get to a gas station to pick up some gas and a canister.

Just your typical break down…

When breaking down in the middle of nowhere, one will have to deal with multiple problems. For starters, when on the side of road, a driver must make sure to pull over as far as possible. Next, one should try to find the issue and call a tow truck driver or mechanic. Of course, when in the middle of nowhere, a vehicle owner should be ready with food, water and blankets. Remember, not all the world has services nearby and it is wise for a van owner to carry an emergency first aid kit and enough water and food to last a day or two.

A conversion van is a great investment. While this is a fun toy to have, it is wise to be prepared and understand what can happen. When realizing and understanding this to the fullest, a driver will have an easier time when faced with potentially dangerous problems.

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