Tips on Waxing Your Conversion Van

April 4th, 2014 by

conversion van waxing tipsA conversion van is a great vehicle for road trips, camping, bringing your home on the go with you, and so much more. As with any other vehicle, waxing is one of the best ways to add an extra layer of protection to the paint job and clear coat. Before getting started, be sure to go with a spray wax for your conversion van to reduce how often you need to wax your van. These are a few essential tips for waxing your conversion van.

Make Sure You Have the Essentials

Before getting started, it’s a good idea that you make sure you have the right materials on hand. A basic spray wax is a good tool for waxing. Make sure you also use a rag specifically designated for the purpose of waxing, and ensure that it is fresh from the washing machine. Additionally, make sure the weather is conducive to waxing. Try to go for a cool day that is low in humidity. Heat will only heat the wax up, causing into run and leave streaks on the van. Even if the wax manufacturer claims that it’s okay to use on sunny, hot days, go for the cooler, dryer days just to be sure.

Go for a Panel at a Time

When you’re working with wax on your van, be sure to stick to one panel at a time. Think of your van as a collection of surface areas, and be sure to work entirely on one before moving to the next. If your conversion van is equipped with any plastic or rubber parts, ensure that you do not get the wax anywhere near them. Wax will permanently stay on these types of parts, and eventually, the affected area will turn white.

Wax During Downtime

Try to wax your conversion van long before you expect to use it. The longer you can leave the wax on the van, the better. The goal and end result you should have in mind is to allow the wax to harden into a solid layer of hard-to-remove wax. This is why opting for a “fast wax” is generally a bad idea. These types of waxes don’t leave enough time to set in and harden, rendering your efforts useless in the end.

Use Wax on the Glass

Don’t be afraid to use the wax on the glass areas of your conversion van. The wax will not only make your windshield and windows pop with shine, but they’ll also stay clean, even in the heaviest of downpours.

While working be sure to swap out your rag for a new, clean one if it is dropped or gets dirty. Always remember; waxing your van with a dirty rag is the easiest way to create streaks in your wax job.

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