Top 10 Christmas Movies to Watch When Traveling in Your Conversion Van

December 16th, 2013 by

Christmas is upon us again and the movies are the place where people gather to have a few laughs or tears with loved ones, especially if you’re looking for a great Christmas-themed movie for your next holiday excursion in your conversion van.

Whether you remember movies from decades ago or just last year, there is a Christmas movie just waiting for you. Pull out that carton of eggnog and pop some popcorn while you take a look at some of the best films of all time.

10. The Muppet Christmas Carol

Take the kids on a literary journey as they explore Charles Dickens’ classic tale of Ebenezer Scrooge, played by Michael Caine. Kermit the Frog plays Cratchit as the rest of the Muppets take up key roles to move the story along. Meet the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future as Scrooge finds the true meaning of the season.

9. Elf

Meet Buddy. He is not like the other elves at the North Pole. You’ll find that he was a baby stowaway on Santa’s sleigh, but was raised by an elf. Finding that he is human, Buddy ventures to New York City to greet his long-lost parents and many cynics along the way.

8. Polar Express

Ride along on the Polar Express where a few select children get to meet Santa at the North Pole. You’ll meet a comical train conductor and an unusual ghost friend along the way.

7. The Santa Clause

What if Santa had an accident? Tim Allen learns that filling the Big Guy’s shoes isn’t the easiest job in this classic comedy.

6. Scrooged

Bill Murray livens up the “Christmas Carol” classic story with a modern twist. His stingy, television executive character must endure a night of ghosts to finally see the err of his ways.

5. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

Instead of venturing off in the old family van, the Griswolds decide to stay at home and celebrate Christmas. As usual, they invoke laughter at every turn.

4. Home Alone

Spend Christmas with Kevin as he finds himself alone at home. With two bungling burglars at his door, it is an incredibly interesting season.

3. Miracle On 34th Street

Seeing is believing in this classic 1947 film where an ordinary man claims to be Santa. It takes a lawyer’s talent to prove Santa’s identity.

2. It’s A Wonderful Life

George Bailey doesn’t believe he makes a difference in the world, but his guardian angel shows him otherwise. Through a series of flashbacks, George sees an alternate world where he was never born. These sobering images help him find his Christmas spirit.

1. A Christmas Story

All Ralphie wants for Christmas is a Red Ryder B.B. gun. It is up to him to convince his parents of this fact through cursing blunders and Leg Lamp atrocities.

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