Top 10 Ways to Use a 9-Passenger Conversion Van

July 26th, 2013 by

Conversion vans were once a familiar sight on American highways. They lost popularity in the 1990s, but they now appear ready for a resurgence. Offering plenty of space, they can be transformed into anything a customer desires.

Most conversions begin as bare-bones cargo vans; conversion companies later add custom paint schemes, interior features, and design and layout options. Their flexibility makes them perfect for drivers who want luxury features such as big-screen TVs, mobile satellites, leather interiors and navigation systems.

With that said, because it offers space without sacrificing gas mileage, the nine-passenger conversion van is popular and good for most applications. We’ve compiled 10 popular uses below.

A nine-passenger conversion van can serve as a:

1. Family vacation vehicle

Large families have few options for vacation-driving vehicles. Station wagons and passenger cars lack ample room for passengers and luggage, and driving two vehicles means doubling the transportation cost. Nine-passenger conversions solve these problems while offering passengers multiple entertainment options.

2. Transporter for passengers with disabilities

Conversion vans can be equipped with any option needed to transport passengers with disabilities.

3. “Long hauler” for sports teams

Parents of active kids know young athletes don’t do well in confined vehicles on long drives.

4. Second vehicle in a multivehicle family

Work-at-home parents often don’t need an everyday commuting vehicle. A conversion is a great second vehicle for short drives in town, while remaining on “standby” for vacations or to replace the first vehicle during maintenance or repair.

5. Way to satisfy homeowner deed restrictions

Deed restrictions sometimes prevent homeowners from parking long vehicles, such as RVs, in driveways.

6. Mobile office

Companies have long recognized the business value of a conversion van outfitted with desks, office chairs, computers and communication devices.

7. Traveling billboard

Businesses use conversion vans as billboards by simply displaying advertising on the vehicle.

8. Short-term camper

Conversion vans aren’t meant for long-term living arrangements, but they’re suitable for some weekend or overnight stays.

9. Mini-RV for drivers who don’t want long RVs

As they age, many RV drivers become uncomfortable driving or parking a large RV, but they may still like the spaciousness offered by a conversion van.

10. Sports vehicle for active owners

Skiers, surfers and others who lead active lifestyles use conversion vans to travel in comfort while safely transporting their skis, boards, and other sports gear.

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