Travel In Style: Convert Your Idea of Comfort

September 27th, 2013 by

2013 Southern Comfort Conversion Van“Traveling in style” is a saying which implies many different things.

On the surface, it means going from one destination to another in a vehicle that just plain looks good. It must feature an attractive design, utility that is not overbearing, and features that set it apart from all others on the road. This saying also implies that you are in a vehicle that is comfortable, suited for its needs, and luxurious. When you put all these things together and into the body of a van, you can easily come up with the 2013 Southern Comfort Conversion Van. This GMC conversion raises the bar in when it comes to exactly what a conversion van should feature in order to make it a top-of-the-line model.

GMC starts off strong by giving this van careful consideration when it comes to the equipment under the hood. It is equipped with a 4-speed automatic that works in conjunction with the 5.3-Liter, V-8 cycle engine. There is plenty of power to speak of, but drivers do not suffer excessively when they pull up to the gas pump. This 4-door high-top packs the amenities into an economically designed space that feels like anything other than a vehicle that thinks hard about economy. There is ample room for every row of seating, and all passengers along for the ride can feel as if they are in the captain’s chair.

Once you move out from beneath the hood, the good things keep on coming. The exterior comes in a two-toned metallic finish that lures the eye with a smooth transition from top to bottom. A chrome grill, dual exhaust, and wrap-around ground effects make this van one that is anything but dull or conventional. On the interior, passengers are welcomed by premium, leather seating that pampers. The rear makes uses of power-sliding seating that will quickly convert into a sofa/bed. In all, seven can comfortably come along for the ride without hampering cargo storage in anyway whatsoever.

After the trip is underway, passengers will find no trouble in entertaining themselves while on the road. USB inputs, CD and DVD units, a BlueRay player, premium subwoofer and surround-sound speakers all make the journey a pleasure. The media comes your way on a 31-inch HDTV as well. There is a rear sunroof, and drivers have the benefit of technology on their side also. Among the extensive safety features to guide the trip are rear backing cameras and stabilization systems that ensure safe travel.

Drivers can feel at home in knowing what they have behind the wheel in addition to the kind of driving experience that they will have. The 2013 Southern Comfort Conversion Van comes equipped with the Class III Receiver Towing Package. The front seats make use of Captain’s Chairs that are designed with power lumbar support, heating, and power recline. The entire package sits on top of 20-inch premium, alloy wheels, a feature that certainly contributes to the idea of “traveling in style.”

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