Traveling in a Conversion Van with a Dog | A Few Tips

October 28th, 2013 by

For people who are completely devoted to their pet, traveling may come as more of a hassle than a relaxing getaway. Some pet owners opt to leave their animals in a kennel while they  travel, whereas others can’t even except the idea of leaving their pet in a kennel. The only option for these pet owners is to bring their pet with them or find some trustworthy friend to watch their pet.

Personally, I love bringing my dog wherever I go. I wouldn’t even think of leaving her with anyone else, although that may be the only option in some situations. For the most part, all dogs love riding in cars, so why not a conversion van as well?

When traveling with a dog in a conversion van, there are two important things to remember: don’t let your dog hang out the window and don’t let the dog ride in the front seat. It may be hard for owners to break old habits of having their dogs hanging out the window of the front passenger seat, but it can be highly hazardous for their pup.

The reason it is unsafe for a dog to hang out the window is because there is always the chance of debris flying up and injuring your dog. Moreover, heavy, chilly airflow can be severely detrimental to your dog’s respiratory system. This doesn’t mean you can’t have the window open, though. Just crack the window enough so your dog can take in all the smells of the outside world without endangering his or her health. Most owners are unaware of these facts, but they can be validated by any experienced veterinarian.

Additionally, it is unsafe for dogs to travel in the front passenger seat because of airbags. Although accidents may be few and far between, if a dog is hit by an airbag, it can have devastating consequences. Thus, dogs should primarily sit in the back row, especially if the van is equipped with front airbags.

After the aforementioned safety precautions are addressed, it would be helpful to purchase a restraint harness to ensure that your pooch is maximally safe. A safety harness may not work for every dog breed, especially large breeds, but it is an additional precaution for pet owners that want the best for their pup.

Most harnesses will accommodate the needs of your dog, while simultaneously accommodating the needs of the owner. Common harnesses will attach to the seatbelt, making the set-up extremely quick and easy.

So, to sum it up, if you are planning to take a road trip with your pet in the near future, remember to keep your dog from hanging out the window and traveling in the front seat.

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