Used Conversion Van Highlight Video Pre Owned 2018 Explorer Low Top

September 19th, 2022 by

Join Conversion Van Specialist Dave Greene as he shows you around this Used Conversion Van. This is a 2018 Low Top van conversion by Explorer Van Company.

Video Transcript:

Hello, I’m Dave with Dave Arbogast Conversion Van Sales. What we have in front of us here is a 2018 Chevy Express van. This is a conversion van by the Explorer Van Company out of Warsaw, Indiana. It’s a three quarter ton example, six liter V8. Low roof design. This particular one is a seven passenger example, has 30,000 and change on the odometer right now, black in color with chrome wheels, as you can see.

So let’s start around the front here. You can see the front fascia cover. This is a Limited SE with the X package, does have the fog lamps, does have a step bumper in case you need to clean a pterodactyl off the road while you hit them- after you hit them. Black in color, chrome grille. The body looks really good on this particular example.

Again, 30,000 miles and change on the odometer. Come on over this way. Inside, I got two tone tan and brown. Van smells good. It doesn’t smell like it’s ever been smoked in or used to transport animals or anything of that nature. You see the Two-Tone here? You get a darker brown,a lighter brown on the outside. It’s dark Burwood Dash, steering wheel controls, 30,461 on the odometer, factory touch screen with navigation, factory sunroof.

Tires are in great shape. Matter of fact, they’re brand new. They were installed by us. You can still see the minting marks from the tire on their. Don’t see any damage on the driver’s side of this particular vehicle. Got the backup sensors, a class three hitch with both a seven pin and four pin connector here.

Inside on the conversion vans, you do have the three piece power sofa bed, does have some storage underneath if you still need that for some luggage there or while you’re on the road. These vans do come with blinds on all the windows in the rear, you see here. We are replacing that blind for this particular unit. It goes back up, like such.

On around to the passenger side. Chrome exhaust tip. Again damage very minimal, van is very clean, in nice shape. It does has have belt moldings. And like most of the Explorer conversion vans, it is equipped with swivel seats. So all four of these captain’s chairs do swivel 360 degrees around. They do quick release and come out if you want to take the seats out. So you have that extra room there. Inside you can see on the upper part you do have mood lighting as well as lower cabinet and ceiling lights. Cupholders. All right. You see up front, leather is all in great shape

If you’re looking for a nice three quarter ton conversion van with low miles, this might be the one for you. Again, Dave Greene, at Dave Arbogast Conversion Van Sales. Give me a call if this interests you.