Vehicle Conversions: Just a Trend or Here To Stay?

October 2nd, 2012 by


The vehicle conversion industry took off in the 1970s and 80s with the conversion van, giving everyone from rock stars and mobile employees to retirees and the disabled community the  ability to customize their vans for their specific needs, style, and comfort. The conversion van, compared to a van straight off the lot, was like the difference between a dingy and a yacht.

In the last few years, the automotive industry has taken note of the continued and expanding popularity when it comes to vehicle customization and have taken a number of measures to better respond to customer demands, but they still can’t offer everything that the aftermarket, conversion vehicle market offers customers.

Today, the vehicle conversion industry isn’t just about turning an over-sized van or mini-van into a yacht on wheels; it’s about turning any vehicle into just what the customer desires.

Let’s look at, for example, what many consider the workhorse of the vehicle family – the truck!

Now imagine a conversion truck

Most people wouldn’t associate style or luxury with a stock factory truck. In fact, a stock factory truck, new or used, often doesn’t have the exterior or interior features a buyer wants. The manufacturer may not be willing or able to add these features. With truck conversion, a conversion truck company, also called an upfitter company, that offers aftermarket options can add these custom features to the truck.

The interior and exterior features that a buyer can choose from in the conversion truck market are extensive. Some options include:

  •     ground effects and graphics
  •     engine upgrades
  •     installation of additional cab doors
  •     cab door alterations, such as suicide doors
  •     extended beds
  •     tool box customization
  •     stainless steel, chrome, or other customized trim
  •     extended beds, customized flat beds, or hauler beds
  •     lowering or raising the vehicle frame
  •     strobe lights
  •     customized running boards
  •     sprayed bed liners
  •     snow plows
  •     towing packages
  •     illuminated grab bars and handles
  •     customized rims
  •     custom paint
  •     inverter, GPS, alarm, audio, video, and other electronic and entertainment systems
  •     cab roof rails
  •     interior safes
  •     captain chairs
  •     chair to sofa bed conversion
  •     customized upholstery
  •     customized flooring

The sky is literally the limit on how much and in what way a factory stock truck is transformed into a customized conversion truck. The owner’s truck can come out looking like a more comfortable, better-equipped version of a stock truck or barely resembling anything else on the road.

Basically, a conversion truck is 100% a reflection of the owner’s needs, wants, taste, and budget.

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