What do the A-Team, the Ninja Turtles and Shaq Have in Common?

October 3rd, 2012 by

turtle conversion van

The A-Team owned one and helped save the lives of hundreds with it.

Shaquille O’Neal has one and can actually fit comfortably in it.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles used one to defeat the Shredder on countless occasions.

What am I talking about you ask?

I’m talking about the greatest luxury caravan for the open road (next to an RV).

I’m talking about the infamous…the sought after…the legendary…

I’m talking about the conversion van.

For those who aren’t familiar with this fully loaded beast of the road, the conversion van my just be the perfect get-a-way for those looking to enjoy the comforts of luxury without the high cost of owning an RV.

These days, one of the most highly touted attributes of the conversion van is its versatility when it comes to technology, specifically the numerous available entertainment options one can choose to take advantage of.

Way back in the early days, a majority of conversion vans came with small tube TVs (if any). It’s a far cry from today, in which most (in not all) conversion vans come with some sort of high definition LCD TV. And what better ways to enjoy a good show or movie on your LCD TV than with accompanying high definition surround sound.

Going on a long and potentially unbearable road trip with the kids? Need to keep them occupied? No problem. Just add a TV and video game system to your van. Heading to the lake for a weekend of fun and relaxation? Need to save some storage space? No sweat. Loose that big and bulky cooler. You won’t need one anyway. Your conversion van comes with a fridge. Starting to get sleepy at the wheel? No need to worry about safety. Simply pull over for the night, drop your electronic night shades, kick on your Blu-Ray player and pass out to your favorite flick.

Conversion vans are evolving and truly changing the way we travel. What started as a niche fad is now becoming a legitimate source of travel inspiration.

Think about it…

The Ninja Turtles own one.  Shaq owns one. The A-Team helped fight for the American way in one.

Cool gadgets aside, who wouldn’t want a conversion van based off this criteria alone?

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