What Makes a Roadtrek Class B Motorhome Special?

November 25th, 2011 by


Does it have to do with how it’s constructed?
Maybe it has to do with its sleek design?

Or maybe it centers around their affordability?

I’ve spent numerous days wondering what exactly it is about Class B Motorhomes which makes them so appealing to travelers. Let’s face it. Class B enthusiasts are truly their own breed of traveler. Almost all always know exactly what they want before even visiting a dealership.

Unless you’ve been living in a box for the past twenty years, when it comes to a Class B Motorhome leader, you needn’t look any further than the Roadtrek brand.

It was in 1974 when Jac Hanemaayer began pondering what it would take to construct an RV for personal use. While Hanemaayer enjoyed the space and comfort Class A and Class C motorhomes had to offer, he wanted something simpler. Thus, he started looking into the Class B motorhome market. As he couldn’t find the comforts he was looking for in a van, he decided to design and build one himself with the help of Home & Park Vehicles. He would later purchase the company which would eventually become the brand we know and love today – Roadtrek.

From the brand’s most basic model, the Roadtrek 170 Versatile; to one of its more elaborate and detailed, the Roadtrek RS Adventurous; it’s not difficult to see why so many travelers are fans of this brand of Class B Motorhomes.

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