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Why in today’s economy and driving conditions is a Class B motorhome ideal? There are many reasons, and guess what, I’m going to tell you about them!

With rising fuel prices, it is tempting to give in to the twinge of panic that an RVer may get when thinking of the cost of filling up their tank. Let me tell you why you should overcome that twinge and drive right up to that gas pump!

Many travelers do not realize that they are still absorbing the cost of rising fuel prices when the travel by plane, stay at hotels and eat out in restaurants. How is that possible you ask? Well, the cost of fuel is added into airlines tickets, making it most expensive to get to your destination. Once you arrive your hotel rates will be higher due to the higher utilities paid by the hotel owners. And the price of eating out goes up as well as it costs more for restaurants to have the food transported to them.

Everyone deserves a vacation. You work hard, and you earn it. You also need to be smart with your hard-earned money. The way to do that is to travel smart and travel in a manner where you have control. When traveling by RV you know your fuel cost, what it will cost if you choose to stay at a campground or RV park, and the cost of groceries. You also have the choice of location that you choose to travel to. You can decide how far you travel, or travel closer to home to save on fuel.

You also have the choice of what type of RV you choose to drive. In today’s economy even the wealthiest of RVers are cringing at the thought of filling up the tanks of their Class A, 40 foot motorhomes. Many of them have opted to trade in their huge Class A’s for the more economical and still ever-so-functional Class B motorhomes. The Class B offers many of the same amenities in a smaller overall package.

The exceptional bonus to these RVs is the fact that they have the same average fuel economy as a full size SUV! They average 18 – 20 miles to the gallon! Try getting that in a Class A! You have the same luxury with highly appointed interiors, easier driving, parking and visibility. Maneuver better on the roads and in tough driving situations, and park in standard sized parking spaces! Camp in campgrounds that tell you they are full because you can make your own space due to your size and the ease of maneuverability!

These are only a few of the reasons that a Class B motorhome is the ideal motorhome to be driven now! Come in and test drive one for yourself and see the true Class B difference at Dave Arbogast RV Depot! We are located in Troy, Ohio conveniently off of exit 69 on I-75. Visit us online at www.arbogastrvs.com to get more information and see our full inventory of Class B motorhomes including RVs from Roadtrek, Airstream, Pleasure Way and more! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to give our experts a call at (866) 975-3287!

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